Outasight – Losing My Mind Lyrics

Posted on January 11, 2011

Breaker breaker one nine
Can you hear me
Over and out
Goin clearly
Clearly I’m losing
Losing My mind
Losing My mind

Watup to my audience
Been holdin on line
not foldin like accordians
We goin Back to the future
Like ridin in deloreans Not crown victorians
life starts,
And the story ends
Skies Gray like dorian
Till voices started joining em,
Now it aint in vein,
So let the award tour begin
And New york is here since I started goin in
Got the juice tampico
Puerto rican girls used to go and call me rico
this music s**t to me
Is like lou reed to nico
I Feel like razar ramon
watup chico
Thowen toothpics
At the amateurs
the said characters
Who tried to get the picture
But couldn’t get the apperature
The shutter speed
Or the right light
Now you in the dark
Like a night light
F**k being like mike
Be like Outasight
And grow a set
And here come the hook
Cause This s**t aint over yet

Another bar gettin thrown out
Speakin man to man
I just wanna chill and zone out
If you don’t know jack
Homie dont pull ya phone out
And I can drop dimes
But I aint got much to loan out
Every weekend gettin blown out
15 years old with a north face and a blow out
19 selling 20s trying to pull the dough out
25 and signed now the light don’t go out.

Outasight aint outalight
But he’s sure out his mind
but he aint out of time,
Routing for the villain
Downtown dwelling
Boy his ego swelling
Like he got knocked in his head
Downing johnny walker red
Every one of our parents said
Stay in school
Some of us did
Some of us didn’t
Some of us cared
Some of us living
Some of us dead
Some of us broke
Some of us rich
None of us should Ever live in the fear
Of speaking clear
So grow a set
And here come the hook
Cause This s**t aint over yet

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