Ro$KA Da$h-Holy Water

Posted on January 1, 2013

dropper II mixtape lil draino
A.k.a tidy boi

[Verse 01]

Holy water yeah
B***h am from east side,
I dedicate dis swagg to my grand paa peter gone,
But am never had a love’before i take the S**t I’on,
my S**t I’moving can you buy my hastle” pull my D**k,
you S**t talk sense but my life is over cash,
I make my time clean before the castles came around,
I make my B***h moving holy ghost holy water,
I make my dropper2 mixtape overdose,
Dat S**t scream oh! god,
I make tha big bong castle dat S**t is over bastle,
Yuo never castle but my S**t is over baslten,
I make my time swagg whats your B***h call you monster,
You mother f*king team but your mama called you stanlye,
dat S**t is over banley’I amke triplle drine,
I when my rome what dat S**t called holy water,
B***h am killer but i’ad never tripple been tripple chainz tripple B***h,
mo-fucker am in my king,
digger dat S**t is bigger m-f*****g digger,you haslte every time,
I make my black gidder.dat S**t take dat Iphone I take smart phone,
I F**k B***h like trigger whats your m-f*****g bigger,
make my time clean before I pick you hard Clean,
haslter for my team but your m-f*****g crybn,
ten jesus pieces on my neck,
what you haslter hard for my team,
I call dat S**t Holy water. (B***h)

ooh! yeah!

(verse 02)

I atend two S**t but you never make mm,
B***h m-fucker made my time over jem jem,
follow me on twitter @lildrainohdq,
like i make my time over seens,got dropper II,
B***h am king B***h ama monster,
called you B***h call me monster your m-f*****g castles,
S**t i’n my neek but B***h call me king,
but your mo-fucker hastler hold my team call me monster,
You F**k enough B***h but you never had castles,
Thi S**t call me tidy,
call jesus pieces is on my neck,
That B***h moving copy my N***a is copy for ragger,
page down you Put dat A*s down like maryle,
that S**t she goes gallery am N***a from eary,
her N***a hold me S**t but your B***h call it cale,
that S**t it over keeny but am over kane,
S**t she ovo dance on my N***a hands,
dat S**t bang,
shut my N***a civil shut up my N***a tucci,
am make my team over seens dropper II mixtape,
shut to my Team awesome boyz all i do is their,
N***a hold my teen but you never had team their,
that S**t talk namsence I talk S**t I known,
but you never had my level,
dat S**t it overdose,
namber 2 in da game but you never had the same,
sale DJ ovo to my N***a call me bang,
my B***h call me monsterbut your(lover) B***h call me baby,
but am never had da same dea your B***h call me dairly,

dropper II mixtape ooh!

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