Sip Tha Kid: Used To Know

Posted on January 6, 2013

Verse 1”Let’s go back to the days where we loved and didn’t know why, all we really knew that when we see them that they lit up in our eye. Way before the intimate all we did was share candy, climbed the monkey bars just to show you I was manly. I grew some confidence and I swore that you would never leave me, you got older and got colder and really start seeing. Everything turned to lust and you ain’t care about the feeling so I started caring about my kicks more than ya feelings. Break : Bet you wonder where the love at, bet you wonder where the love at, you lost it X2. Say money the root of evil what about these hoes? You mess with the wrong one she’ll take ya soul, lets change the subject I don’t feel like talkin bout these hoes, I’m in love with my main chick her name bankroll. Chorus w/ Gotye sample: Maybe one day, probably so but now you just somebody that I used to know. You can leave me baby, I won’t go cause… Break X2. Verse 2: Wish we could have work out now I wish we never was so I wouldn’t think about what we could have been, just the thought of you got me sippin on this gin, should have known you a*s was all about the ends. Something told me watch my back, devils come in disguise, should have known she wasn’t true she never looked me in my eyes, but it all got to come to an end so I’m gon spend the rest of my life chasing ends. Chorus w/ Gotye sample. Break X2.

About: <br /> Jonathan Harris also known as Sip Tha Kid (Born December 6th 1993) is an American rapper, songwriter, more about: Sip Tha Kid
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