Sip Tha Kid: Wake Up

Posted on January 6, 2013

Chorus “ Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, open your eyes and just let your mind feel up, won’t be nun I ain’t seen, before my time is up. X2: Verse 1: Woke up this morning, nun on my mind but bread, breakfast was great, Kush and a side of eggs, you would be amazed by the s**t that’s in my head, gotta be the next great thing to grace dead. Could fall off, but s**t I’m a man of balance, it’s about what you do we all born with talent, I look up at the sky so I can see something higher, everybody in front of me is some motherfuking liars. Every day we making business plans, when I pull up in that drop, don’t be surprised ya b***h get in, all she see is the jewels, she can’t help if she choose, have a million or more, have them looking confused, the game is in my veins, yes I’m cold blooded, I spit from the heart, yes the people love it. you talk but you ain’t saying s**t, I’m all about my money, so that’s what you need to recognize b***h. Chorus X3: Verse 2: I’m so annoyed with n****s and their philosophies, New World a path to greatness come on follow me, can’t blame my pops for being stuck in the 70’s, times is fucked up, I mean where is the love. It even use to be loyalty when they sold drugs, now n****s snitching, be back in the hood the same day. I never sold a pack but that’s just the way I was raised, I’m one man no need for being two faced, my music change your whole mood like a tooth ache, hope my music fill up your head like a taupe, You better stop me before it’s too late, New World we taking over the world you n****s too late, I spit these flows just to give em something to think about, hopefully give the kids something to dream about. We all walk a dark path trying to get it right, but I ain’t stopping until I see the light.”

About: <br /> Jonathan Harris also known as Sip Tha Kid (Born December 6th 1993) is an American rapper, songwriter, more about: Sip Tha Kid
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