Thee!General-Bobby Storm

Posted on December 9, 2012

(1st Verse)
I am the second of five, first of four, put my fam before all
And I want this even more, than ever before (get me)
Simply, because I know, they can't get wit me
You get excited for what!?, not me I'm over here, in my own world
I carry, the gift and the curse, gifted with verses the game was thursting for so
I really don't care, about what you hear, cause if it ain't me, it's usually, along the same lines, of the majority
Attention on my priority, keep writing these lines, exciting the minds, with eyes and ears outside of the mainstream
Mainly just majoring in reality, can't wait to pull out my imagination, colorful, wonder
Ya'll guys, a little to light on the saturation
This is that needle, Don Cheadle needed, playing the goat (that's dope)
I could've said it way easier but that ain't gone work
Too many of those type, I got one shot to make you a believer
Everybody can't rap, so they made another lane
Get yours while it's hot, I stay over my flame

Shot from the rifle, shot from the rifle
Shot from the rifle, shot from the rifle
Shot from the rifle, shot from the rifle
Shot from the rifle, shot from the rifle

(2nd Verse)
Whether you call nice, hot or cold, I am both
Tell a n***a find the nearest noose, pull it around his neck, hang himself
Cause he can't hang with me, too nifty, too crafty, too witty
I get kinda ugly, my patience is thinning, not winning
Been loosing too long, but I fight like a prize fighter
Just a prize spotted, if you caught me sighted
You've sighting exciting, oppose to your liking
Opposing the nicest, for rights to my props
It's not for no set, undeniable fresh, don't feel you, no braille
Raise brows, with these styles, they hate when you wow
They hate when you lose, They hate when you win
A loss on this chin, is hate into heat, frustrated by flaws
And clouded with steam, just wait til it clears, and don't let it (freeze: hold 5 secs.)

About: Michael Lavene David Jordan (Thee!General) is an American Recording Artist, Videographer and Producer. Michael grow up in the North more about: theegeneral1
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