Mase is Done with Diddy and Bad Boy

Posted on December 23, 2006

Mase has finalized his split from Diddy's Bad Boy Records, and now he is a full blown G-unit artist. It has been a year since Mase decided to make the move to G-unit, but Diddy was reluctant in finalizing the deal and giving up Mase's masters. But after a couple of subliminal shots from both sides Diddy finally decided to let Mase go. You can expect to see allot of mix tapes from Mase in 2007 if not a album. Mase has had a long on going street beef with Dipset member Jim Jones which goes all the way back to when Diddy was known as Puff Daddy. This was the reason why Mase left the game and the word is that Dipset were the ones who ran Mase out of Harlem to ATL to become a preacher…….lol (that's funny). I guarantee you that next year there will be G-unit vs Dipset beef (trust me), it's inevitable plus Tony Yayo already called Jim Jones trash. We'll see what happens for 2007, something tells me it's going to be a year. Holla at me

You know the deal give me your feedback, keep it funky as usually.

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