Max B Releases A Statement About One Of His Concerts Getting Shot Up

Posted on July 24, 2008
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Max B Issues Official Statement Regarding Shooting at Hot 97’s ‘Who’s Next Concert’ at SOB’s
July 23, 2008- Max B was looking forward to performing at the Hot 97’s ‘Who’s Next Concert’ on the evening of Tuesday, July 22nd when a disruption occurred. A group of individuals entered the club shortly before Max B was scheduled to go on stage, one of whom shot a round into the VIP section where Max and his entourage were seated. Max B was not hit, and no serious injuries occurred among his guests. Max B would like to extend his thanks to Hot 97, SOB’s, Gus Heningburg at Trevanna, Jerry Saluti, and all the fans who came out in the hopes of seeing a great show. He wants to stress to his fans that he was focused on his job that evening, excited about performing as the headlining act at Hot 97’s concert.

“I had no control over it. I didn’t want any trouble. I never want any, but people despise me. They are jealous and envious, and they’re gonna do whatever they can to stop my movement. S**t is real,” Max B stated.

Shortly after the shot was fired, the club cleared out and police came to conduct an investigation. Max B claims not to know the identity of the group of individuals who were responsible for the gunshot. “I didn’t know the wannabe thugs who let off a round,” he said.

This is What happens when you mix the streets with music…..

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