Melyssa Ford Critical of The Game, Needs To Check Herself

Posted on December 26, 2006

We all heard The Game's single from his new album “Wouldn't Get Far”. Pretty Catchy song right. It contains a beat and a verse from Kanye West, and has critical, comical lyrics that serve as a commentary on all of the women in the industry that use their promiscuous nature to get ahead (no pun intended) in the music and modelling industries. Now, a rapper that has sold over 6 million copies worldwide in less than two years probably knows something about industry women. Following the release, we all heard the backlash from Melyssa Ford. It goes something like this “I am really confused and saddened that he decided to include my name on a record that disparages the characters of women who have worked hard in the industry to make successful careers for themselves.” It then went on to point out that she in fact does not drive a honda accord, as stated in the song . My question is this: Have you ever seen anything involving Melyssa Ford that did not include a picture or video of her strutting around nearly naked? If it exists, it's rare. I have no problems with the way she presents herself, nor am I saying that The Game is any kind of positive influence, but i will say this: Melyssa Ford is about as good for the image of women as The Game is for men. That isn't saying much. She claims that it “disparages the characters of women who have worked hard in the industry to make careers for themselves”, but come on, don't you think that she did enough of that herself with all of her video appearances and videos. Do you think people are watching her videos because she has some sort of talent or because she has something intelligent to say? No, they buy it because she walks around in lingerie in extremely sexually suggestive poses. Is Melyssa Ford good looking?Yeah. Is The Game a hypocrite? Probably. But for her to come out and pretend to be some sort of positive influence on women who want to succeed in life, then it needs to be settled that she is in fact, just as bad of an influence for little girls as any gangster rapper is for little boys. You want a positive African American role model for women, don't go looking for the extras in rap videos. Try the likes of genius poet Maya Angelou or self-made talented rap artist Missy Elliot.
Thats it, all love, i'm out.

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