Mos Def Married A Chick In 4 Days and Now She’s Paid From Him

Posted on July 7, 2008
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Damn Mos Def married this chick in 4 days and then ended up paying her and is still married to her, I’m looking at shawty right now and she is noteven that good looking. She sounded like a upstanding chick in the beginning of the interview but then later on she started to turn into a super groupie / jump off. She sounds like she would suck off Lil Wayne and Chris Brown in a heart beat. Damn Mos Def took a L on this one.

Can’t knock her hustle though she got millions and at the end of the day getting paid is the name of the game.

Alana Wyatt Smith

Alana Wyatt Smith

Alana Wyatt Smith

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