MTV’s 2010 Hottest MCs List (Top 5)

Posted on October 25, 2010
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So the top 5 results are in for MTV's 2010 Hottest MCs List, and it's starts with Rick Ross in at #5, #4 Drake, #3 Kanye West, #2 Jay-Z and to no surprise Eminem at #1. Kanye West might be a little too far up on the list this year, he's hot right now in the 4th quarter with the G.O.O.D Music series and a hit single but for most of the year he was still in the dog house. In fact I think Drake should have been #2, no one had more singles, features and over all buzz this year than Drake, at least until Eminem got to work.

Overall the list wasn't as disappointing as last year, and it definitely beats that fuckry list BET put together.

1. Eminem
2. Jay-Z
3. Kanye West
4. Drake
5. Rick Ross
6. Nicki Minaj
7. Lil Wayne
8. Waka Flocka
9. B.o.B
10. Ludacris

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    Wiz Khalifa should be number 1, he is the best rapper out there right now. And his music is perfect to smoke too.


    Wiz is good, but I would like to see him freestyle first


    how does Gucci even get mentioned... How can anyone even mention Wiz, Fab, Bun-B in the same breathe as Gucci Lame. Half the damn time I cant even make out with that mush mouth dude is saying. But Ludacris and Lloyd Bank$ both deserve to be on the list real talk.


    As a music lover of a collection of genres but for the topic at hand, a Hip-Hop fan; the last place I can EVER gain education is MTV. If I desired to expand my knowledge of Rock music or its many sub-genres, I still wouldn't venture to MTV. This channel holds no authority in judgment so this list can take two left turns because the channel will always be in a standstill for me when it comes to accurately judging Hip-Hop. I heard Wocka Flocka Crap or whatever his name is, made number 8...awesome. What will happen next, Vanilla Ice finding a position in the top 5?

    why u need to know my name?
    why u need to know my name?

    gucci dont need to be on this list. hes a worthless piece of shit. it needs to have eminem(1) jay z(2) lil wayne drake wiz b.o.b banks fab luda is ok kanye and thats pretty much it


    totaly fine with all of them being off the list except for banks, he should definitely be on that shit but maybe they're getting smarter from last year and actually putting eminem where he belongs