Dre Styles : Riddle Me This

Posted on January 18, 2013
Artist: Dre Styles
Song: Riddle Me This
Album: The Other Side Of The Pillow

23 years old. My name is Dre Styles and my new LP/ MIXTAPE, ”The Other Side Of The Pillow” was made to blow people minds. My style is incomparable to any other artist. As a Singer, Songwriter, and overall Artist, I feel lot of my creativity stems from my sense of humor. My content is sharp and relatable containing topics or ideas that people either think quietly to themselves about or struggle to word. As a vocalist, My cadence is smooth and my ability to transition from singing to rapping is my biggest strength. Unlike most white rappers, I understand how fortunate my life is and I don’t try to be someone I’m not, In fact my mom still does my laundry and I don’t care who knows it…. 

Im here to show everyone that a preppy clean cut white boy can spit harder than some of the best out there..you dont believe me? well see for yourself….

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