Fabolous – So NY

Posted on September 16, 2012
Artist: Fabolous
Song: So NY

Fabolous is back on the scene, and repping that Big Apple as always. The Brooklynite hits us with a new one called “So NY” with Just Blaze on the boards.

Fab was in rare form on this one, peep some of the bars.

For my city, emphasis on my city
You got to go to L.A. if your looking for Diddy
You gotta check C.T. if your looking for Fitty
N****s in Paris, but what about the city?
I’m so N.Y. like the folks who make Playstation
Hope ya’ll enjoyed your summer vacation
I been on that medicine, all y’all sick patients
Time to come for Sugar Hill, word to Ray Nathan
I’m coming for the belt and I stay H’ing
Coming for your Idol, word to Clay Aiken
Pause- in case they take it the wrong way
And b***h n***a always take it the wrong way
Still spitting, I’m the city’s saliva
Want the keys to it like the designated driver

Loso’s Way 2: Rise to Power coming soon.

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