Posted on January 11, 2013
Song: RSVP

About Jerzey: 

Most would not expect for energy driven and crowd pleaser Jerzey, a Jersey native, would be interested in the sounds of greats such as Frank Sinatra. Jerzey is a proud 90s baby that has gained the attention of several Atlanta music executives and looks to grasp the attention of millions by the end of his crusade. An unorthodox writer and obvious pure talent, Jerzey brings more than street cred and s*x appeal to a track. With influences like Malcolm X and Isaiah Whaley, proves that there is more that the eye can see with this artist. Jerzey recently took the stage at the 2012 Jack The Rapper Convention and broke his record RSVP. Jerzey along with Industry Overthrowers CEO Big Stiz will release the video for the singe “RSVP” first quarter 2013. When ask what word describes him, Jerzey hesitated because there was not just one word to sum it up. Raw, Gutta, Uncut, Super Lyrical, Passionate, Poetic, Meaningful; is what Jerzey feels he brings to the rap game.

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