Onis – Do Better (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)

Posted on November 25, 2012
Artist: Onis
Song: Do Better
Album: The Time Is Now

Onis releases the final release from his upcoming project, it’s entitled “Do Better” featuring R&B crooner BJ The Chicago Kid, with Nascent & QB on the production.

Onis upcoming project “The Time Is Now” hosted by DJ Burn One is scheduled to be released in a few weeks, be on the lookout for that.

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    yeee gangsta gangsta gibbs hoe, keep doin your thing man this song is proper.


    Freddie Gibbs is fresh. I like the track, the rap, and what he is saying. He did not mention killing 50 people or taking someone's girl because he has money falling all out of his pocket. He was not rapping about his ride, clothes, chain or a jet he was on. This song was about a real hope to get out of the street game and I could feel the message. Freddie Gibbs was talking about the a REAL Struggle in a way that might actually reach someone. I listened to this song twice and I was impressed with the originality and delivery. Freddie Gibbs needs a major deal push. Freddie I am the most hating person on the planet, but I can not hate on this one!!! But I still hate you for making me not hate this song. Keep it coming Freddie Hatefully yours, Hater of the Year.

    Dub SG
    Dub SG

    Oh shit! WTF, no hate, Ah c'mon man, I was all ready to hear how this cat need to go back to Chicago and get caught up in the crossfire from a gang war or sumthin. Are you turning over a new lease on life or sumthin? P.S. Spread Tha Hate, Don't Congratulate.