Remy Ma – They Don’t Love You No More (Remix)

Posted on August 4, 2014
Artist: Remy Ma
Song: They Don’t Love You No More (Remix)

Talk to em Remy…

Fresh out the box Remy wastes no time with releasing new music, she immediately heads to the studio to link with her old homie DJ Khaled to remix the hottest street  street banger of the moment They Don’t Love You No More.


[Intro: Remy Ma]
You ain’t got love for me, my n***a?
You ain’t got love for me, my n***a?
(We the best music)
I'm back, yeah
Ever since your chick hit the top
Know your b***h is mad, Remy out the box
(They don’t love you no more)
You don’t love me no more?
She the best
(DJ Khaled)

[Verse 1: Remy Ma]
When y’all was on the TV I was with the PV’s
I listened to your CD, damn, you really wanna be me
Don't care if your name buzzin’, you know who the queen be
Dello Russo, di you lasik b*****s still can’t see me
These rap chicks try to stay away from me
Maybe ‘cause I caught that case, they afraid of me
Remy got that flow, spit it crazily
And it’s a fact I’m everything they portray to be
Nevermind how I got bent down, y’all know how I get it up
I’m fuckin’ a player in the whip, y'all know I keep it a buck
Probably should have been in love, y’all know I don’t give a f**k
My lips ain't good for nothing on her right now I might could get it sucked
Give it to her in the tummy, y’all know that I keep it tucked
Claim she flying, got a bill, to me that sound like she a duck
I’mma take these b*****s job and get them worked like Loaded Lux
On my Cali swag, black ladies kept in a pair of Chucks
Bad b*****s really with me in the cut with model mutts
Used to have some flab on ‘em, but they put it in they butts
Yeah, call me Scarface, a b***h still cute as f**k
Some call me dogface, some n****s wanna kiss my crotch

[Hook: French Montana (Remy Ma)]
Ever since a n***a hit the top (yeah)
P***y n****s wanna see me in a box
They don't love you no more (y’all don’t love me no more?)
They don't love you no more, yeah
Troops gotta cock (uh huh) coupe's gotta drop (yeah)
S**t starting to change so you starting to change, ah
They don't love you no more (they don’t love me no more?)
They don't love you no more (they don’t love me no more?
Should be your favorite, now you're just hatin'
S**t starting to change, you want me to change, nah
They don't love you no more (they don't love me no more?)
They don't love you no more, nah (they don’t love me no more?)

[Verse 2: Remy Ma]
Okay, I’ve been going for over half a decade
Don’t tell me all y’all done fell for these hoes facade
I mean façade, they garbage, discard them
These hoes is p***y, I discharge ‘em
They don’t even get my d**k hardened
I heat a b***h up, Miami, Chris Bosh ‘em
Microwave ‘em, see all my fans waving
The flow water juice drippin’, the girl so wavy
They say the girl crazy, really can’t blame ‘em
They blow d**k, I blow torch, just flame ‘em
Hoes so lame and ain’t no [?]
I flip quick, no gymnasium
You don’t got no balls, just a big cranium
Shoot me down, I won’t fall, iron titanium
I’m telling chicks ain’t no touching me
I’m celibate, nobody can't f**k with me
Some say she nice, but Reminisce nicer
I can feel the tension, please don't hype her
Tell her stay in her lane before I side swipe her
Droppin’ that bird s**t ,I ain't the windshield wiper
Been violating before I land on Rikers
Ain’t s**t change like a baby dirty diaper
I don’t love these hoes, never even liked her
Remi, Makavelli, send shots through bellies
Come through in a pair of Breds and a peanut butter pelly
These f*****g fruits are sweeter than grape jelly
Softer than R&B, ma’, you aren’t me
You pop like coochie, I really R-A-P

You ain’t got love for me my n***a?
You ain’t got love for me n***a?
Yo, Khaled
(I change your life)

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