Rob I.E. -Twisting Facts (feat Chevy Woods and Smoke DZA)

Posted on August 31, 2012
Artist: Rob I.E.
Song: Twisting Facts
Producer: Harry Fraud

Rob I.E. teams up with Harry Fraud, Smoke DZA and Chevy Woods to bring you ” Twisting Facts ” Which is available on itunes. 

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    I don't get it.... Whats the point in giving something a title (hip hop) if it's not real?... I mean, even fake is real (you can have a real fake pair of Air Jordans) so I guess there is real hip hop which transcends from the birth of the genre and then there is cross over hip hop which is a mix of various genres with the original hip hop...... However, music is universal and it matters not what genre it is to me so long as it sounds good and conveys the right message...