Stori – Just Another Day (feat. Juelz Santana)

Posted on December 3, 2013
Artist: Stori
Song: Just Another Day
Producer: JaePlease C-Ray

Not since Queen Latifa has there been a female rapper out of Jersey worth mentioning, Stori might be the one to change that. Wordplay isn't the only weapon she has in her arsenal either, she's also quite the songstress.

I'm not talking about a rapper trying to sing with the help of studio magic like a Nicki Minaj or Drake, nah Stori is a legit vocalist. I've been listening to her new tape #BADASSDAME all day today, I'm still developing an overall opinion on her music and she as an artist but I will say; it's certainly a refreshing hearing a new female rapper that isn't trying to mimic what's currently working on radio.

Though their styles are quite different, the fact that she sings and raps well reminds me of a early Lauren Hill.

This track “Just Another Day” featuring the most sometimish rapper ever Juelz Santana, is one of the tracks I've played the most from the tape so far. Over the next few days I'll post a few more tracks that move me.

I like her and not because she's a pretty face (though it doesn't hurt), but because she's actually gifted.

Be sure to check out her new mixtape #BADASSDAME on

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