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Posted on January 14, 2013
Artist: soash harrison
Song: Cockroach x Theo
Album: the $oashial network

we outchea mobbin. HGTM INSTAGRAM: @hurricanemusic

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    ^^^^^this guy is retarded. Delete my comment, yeah that was me above. I'm sleep wasted, like drunk but just from crappy sleep. I better had shut my stupid mouth up, no delete option crap :(. If somebody finds my ip adress and revelas I wrote that tarded post I'm actualy gonna come to your house and beat you up cause you deserve it. Wait I need a better excuse, I did drugs -_-

    Namerequiredstfuwhat u need my name for,nottalking
    Namerequiredstfuwhat u need my name for,nottalking

    Dude your song sounds retarded, I can do much better then that, and white rappers became cool it seems, hmmm I need to do something, why not, what's holding me back. Ok I'm like totaly white lol but I'm trying and my music is totaly dope, but will my personality be good enough for this industry. Actualy Kreyshawn appeared in the video and it's imediately cool to me now, however most white people in hiphop are a bit whack, maybe not whack but not cool, so it's double as cool to see a white chick that's not tarded. I mean I'm white but I'm to cool for these whackish whites in hiphop, I'll let you buy my cd if / when I drop one but just don't try to get cool with me, seriously, not my fault you are corny and trying to hard. Wait she started rapping, hmmm ... not cool anymore. And what's the obssesion with murders, I guess a cheap easy way to get attention like in movies, explosions killing money half naked girls = views and attention from people, you feeling like a star. Just not to be taken serious and thinking you need to start living like that. After this long post I might call myself MC Monologue haaah (that haaah sound you hear lately in French Montana songs), no not really, I'll call myself stupid fucking mc european white asshole. I'm harsh on myself lol :) No I'm cool, it's gonna be alright, it's alright if you make it alright and I can make it alright why not. Lately I've been falling at sleep at 6 in the morning so I'm weird now, now improved it to 4 and 30 in the morning. Bout to start working a new job in a month gotta improve myself till then so I don't get crazy and commit suicide like that blone dude with the curls hollywood actor who starred in that movie about knives, he slept they say only 2 hours a night dunno if it's true and killed himself. i'm trying to have a strong mind but this crappy sleeping routine eventualy catches up with you. Thank you dear internet to give me a space to express myself. Damn I'm crazy writin all of this, but I iwll still submit it. Maybe this is an internet forum and we're supposed to write such big posts. hmmm yeah right, well don't read it if it's to long and not just about this video. At least nobody knows who I am it's anonymous, hahaha so nobody can thik badly about me cause of this post. STFU you drama queen. Enough.... jvpjivvjšpvjrvjphipvhošASHIADHOIH WHACK FLACKA FLAME WHACKA FLACKA FLAME WHAAAAACKA WHAKCA DOG ON A LEASH WHACKA WHAKCA SKY WHACKA WHAAAKCA OH LET DO IT OH LET DO IT. Hey Vlad please use your Russian sambo moves on me and kick me of this site like seriously, do a Fedor Emilianenko judo toss on my ass.....