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Posted on September 30, 2007
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 The gossip is on the way,… it's been delayed with the new radio show and all. If you're interested in listening, you can stream the live show. You are also able to call in 347-215-8951… So if you're up late nights, tune into Lexilex & Nikki G to get the latest information with the world of entertainment & news….


Join Mizz Shalon And Nikki G (Yahoo Group) ’Da Gossip Lounge’

Join The 2 Gossip Divas Mizz Shalon And Nikki G
Yahoo Group: The Gossip Lounge
Send your friends request to: Babyblue8983

Live For Music And Entertainment Gossip This Is 4 Ya!!!

Reason 2 Join

1. Meet Others Like You.

2. Send your music/material out to everyone in the group for feedback.

3. Get the Lowdown First On Casting Calls.

4. Get the Lowdown First On The Juicy Gossip.

5. Find out where the Internet Bargains are at.

6. Engage in Hot Group Disscussion.

7. And whatever you have to contribute to the group.

When Sending Me Your Request Make Sure You Advise That You Are Joining The Group And If You Are An Artist,Writer,Radio Personality Producer, Model, etc.
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