New Boyz: More Than Your Average “Jerk”

Posted on June 1, 2009
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While there is arguably nothing new under the sun, there are times when the recycled past takes on new relevance and meaning within a different context.  Enter the New Boyz and their revamping of “the Jerk,” a regional phenomena of the 90's perpetuated by L.A. street culture and house-party connoisseurs alike.

Armed with a minimalist beat and a hip(ster)-hop fashion sense, the summer-ready single “You're A Jerk” has been gaining momentum in Southern California, propelling the Victorville duo into national prominence.  And the Web is watching, as hundreds of user-generated videos are surfacing on sites like YouTube of youth across the nation imitating the acrobatic and fancy footwork.

MTV recently caught up with Legacy, Ben J and their Power Rangers set to get a first-hand report of the burgeoning resurgence and its significance to their music. MTV News

But “one-trick-pony” the group is not.  Though leaders of this new-school dance craze, a look at their Myspace page (myspace(dot)com/officialnewboyz) reveals the track “Want This” feat. Tay, a unabashed juxtaposition of their pop-friendly lead single in the same vein of “The Whisper Song” 2.0.

Living embodiments of the carefree summers of yesteryear, the New Boyz are “geeked” for a smooth transition into their movement's next step.  One jerk at a time.

Check out the You're a Jerk Music Video

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