New Lloyd Banks Album Is On The Way (Yesssss)

Posted on June 12, 2007
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Blue Hefner

Peep This via MTV's Mixtape Monday

“The industry scorned him because he’s a rapper’s rapper,” XL added. “He doesn’t sit through marketing meetings and know the politics of radio — or even the little backlash coming. When Banks came out, he had to fight a lot of hate. It wasn’t based on music no more; it was the politics.”

Sha is predicting big things for the album Banks is currently cooking up. “The album he’s working on is amazing and he’s coming back like Jay-Z after ‘Sunshine,’” he said. “[Sometimes] you get that one album that don’t connect, but Banks’ fans is still with him. He’s still touring and doing shows like sh– is all the way right. He’s coming to beat their heads in — he on some lyrical exercise.

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P.S. Lloyd Banks last album was not a bad album it just didn't sell, he's not only the best rapper in G – Unit he's one of the best in New York. I know going from 3 million sold to 3 hundred thousand sold on his second album is not a good look but I still think Banks well stay in the game judging by what I've heard lately.

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