Posted on March 18, 2008

As a member of Carol City Cartel, one of the most anticipated groups of 2008, Gun Play has become a true fixture of the Miami music movement. Making cameo appearances in every major video from Flo-Rida to Sean Kingston, his presence has built and people are now interested in the story behind the guy with the crazy dreads.

Originally from NY before moving to Miami at the age of 9, Gun Play took an immediate presence in the streets as a hustler and words men. After a chance meeting with Ross through mutual associates, who recognized his talent early on, he was quickly put under Ross’s wing and prepared for his moment in the spotlight. Bringing to the group his free spirit and numerous talents, Gun Play is the group’s cannon and true force.

Currently in the studio working on their up coming album release, We over at Hip Hop Music got our hands on “Kill Switch” which proves Gun Play is no novelty. Take a listen and lets us know what you think!


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