Posted on December 9, 2007


Bun B recently reached out to VIBE and granted them the first interview since Pimp C's death.

VIBE: What memory of Pimp C stands out the most to you?
BUN B: So many changes and phases of life. I think on a good day, on a great day, I couldn't point my finger at one thing. So many different memories: The day we signed, our first video, the first time we heard ourselves on the radio. So many different things. Most of my greatest moments in life, my greatest achievements, came standing right next to him, you know? So it's hard to pinpoint any one thing. So many different moments.

How did it feel seeing him for the first time after he was released from prison in 2005?
BUN B:Man. UGK was at a place where everything he wanted it to be was finally getting there. Everything he wanted to get from it, he was about to receive. The love, the admiration and respect – not just from fans but also from peers and even journalists. And people understanding what he was trying to impress upon people, what he represented and where he represented it from and just how we lived and who we are as people. And I was just so happy that he was able to come back home and experience different things. I didn't want all the fun to be gone before he had a chance to have them.

For more hit up VIBE.com for the full interview…

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