Papoose Debut Album Nacirema Dream

Posted on January 25, 2007

The highly aniticipated album Nacirema Dream from rapper Papoose is on it’s way. Papoose has been putting it down on the mix tape scene for a long time now and has released 17 hot mix tapes to date, he’s one of the few rap artists that has been able to get freestyle into rotation on the radio. His buzz in the streets has been crazy which is responsible for his recent 1.6 million dollar record deal he signed with Violator/Jive Records. Many are already calling him the savior of New York, just for the simple fact that the kid can spit and has Bars for days. Sources have told us that he is currently working on his album, he has already gotten beats from Doctor Dre, Primier, Pharrell and DR Period. These are all high profile producers, albums with this much great producers are almost impossible to flop.

Be on the look for this album someting tells me this is going to be a classic.

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