Power Season 1, Episode 1: Not Exactly How We Planned

Posted on June 1, 2014

From the paid television network Starz, comes the new original series “Power.” This series has all the appeal of huge, network crime dramas such as “Boston Legal” or “Law & Order”. However, this new, original series deals with the aspect of crime from a very different perspective.

Start Slow, Finish Strong

Power Season One Series Premiere 030

The opening credits to “Power are accompanied by the catchy track performed by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, executive producer of the show. The former criminal turned entrepreneur is actually the ideal choice to perform the intro song. The main character (James “Ghost” St. Patrick) is played by relative new comer Omari Hardwick. He is coupled with “Notorious” Star Naturi Naughton who plays his wife, Tasha St. Patrick. The chemistry between the starring couple is evident as they interact with each other (especially their steamy, love scene).

Power Season One Series Premiere 232

The first scene of Power doesn't instantly grab a hold of the viewer the way “Law & Order” used to. Instead, the viewer is gradually drawn into a lavish life of a New York City night club owner. With his beautiful wife on his arm, Ghost enters his lavish night spot. A promoter with an apparently troubled past informs Ghost that the premiere is a resounding success.

The Plot Thickens

It doesn't take long before this seemingly normal drama takes a dark turn. Ghost is called away from the premiere to handle business downstairs. Tommy Egan (Played by Joseph Sikora) is overseeing the organized beating of a Hispanic gentleman named Miguel. Tommy quickly lets Ghost know that Miguel was involved in a robbery which resulted in the loss of a “whole day's paper.”

Power Season One Series Premiere 109

After beating Miguel to within an inch of his life, Ghost realizes the young man isn't going to talk. A well placed 9mm slug eliminates the problem, but there's still the issue of the $200,000 that was stolen from Ghost and Tommy's organization.

A private conversation between Tommy and Ghost reveals that they are involved in less than moral activities (drug dealing) and the club is simply a legitimate face to launder money. However, Ghost lets Tommy know he has plans on leaving the illegal lifestyle behind. He has children and a family now, and things have changed since he and Tommy began hustling over two decades before.

A Beautiful Problem

The simple command of “86” is sent to all of Ghost's workers via text as he is left to tend his legitimate business. Now Ghost must find out who stole his money as well as tell his supplier Lobos that he was robbed the previous night. Lobos reveals that he knows of the robbery and voices his displeasure to the situation.

The plot takes another twist when Ghost's high school sweetheart Angela Valdez (Played by Lela Loren) walks back into his life. Through a brief conversations over lunch, Angela reveals that she is now an attorney.

Power Season One Series Premiere 445

After Lunch, Angela returns to her office for a meeting with several high profile members of he justice department. The plot takes another hair pin turn when Angela's Boss Frankie Lavaro (Played by Kathrine Narducci) reveals a plan to take down a Mexican cartel leader, Lobos, who is also Ghost's supplier.

Angela comes up to speak at the conference and reveals that Lobos is having friction with his main, New York distributor, (Ghost) — and the friction offers the legal team an opportunity to take advantage.

However the legal team must first identify the distributor and convince him or her to cooperate with them. Of course, Angela has no idea that the distributor for whom she is looking is actually the old lover with whom she's rekindling her passions.

A Suspenseful Ending

The last scene of Power is far more exciting than the first as another of Ghost's workers is nearly robbed. The young woman shoots her way out of an elevator, mortally wounding one man. As the closing credits roll, it becomes evident that the Power in the NYC drug scene is about to take an epic shift, and the s**t has hit the proverbial fan.

Judging by the premiere episode, Power has all the makings of a smash hit. A powerful man is compromised by his feelings for an old flame with the power to unravel his entire life. He is also vulnerable because of a beautiful wife who is less than faithful. The first episode ends abruptly just as the proverbial s**t hits the fan. There are so many excellent directions in which the writers can take the plot.

It would be difficult not to get a cult following for this original twist on the crime drama, and they already have at least one fan.

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