Power Season 1, Episode 2: Whoever He Is

Posted on June 15, 2014
Power 2014

Power Season 1, Episode 2: Whoever He Is [Summary]

Ghost and Tommy take action against those responsible for the attack on their drug organization, while Ghost's wife deals with her new career and Ghost rekindles a former relationship with an attorney who's been after one of his people.

Episode 2 Recap

On the previous episode of power, we learned that aspiring drug lord James “Ghost” St. Patrick may have opened the nightclub “Truth” to do more than just launder dirty money. Ghost is a gangster from the street, but all the illegal money has transformed his life and his mentality. No longer is he the street thirsty hustler who built an empire.

These days, he's a husband and a father, running a legit business. Unfortunately, the good life has made Ghost careless, and he shows this carelessness by nearly taking a photograph for the front page of one of New York's most prominent publications.

Vogue Magazine holds a major function at Truth, and Ghost begins to think of the potential growth of the club when he poses for the camera. Clearly, the man wants to abandon the illegal life, and he nearly makes an epic mistake to see that dream realized. Tommy Egan is Ghost's right hand man and he handles the majority of the dirty work for their illegal empire.

Fortunately, Tommy prevents Ghost from posing for the newspaper photo. Tommy realizes Ghost is losing his edge, and it couldn't have come at a worse time, because their entire operation is in jeopardy.

A Rift Between Partners

Power Season 1 Season 2 015Tommy and Ghost find themselves facing a crisis as three of their couriers were robbed on three consecutive nights. The third courier manages to shake his potential robber, but he was still targeted even after precautions were taken to prevent that very thing. The second courier escapes with the product and manages to fatality wound one of her attackers.

The young woman informed the team of the attempted robbery instead of notifying the authorities.This Enables the team to clean the scene, decreasing the involvement of law enforcement officers.

Fortunately, Tommy and Ghost are able to identify the dead robber as a member of a Miami street gang. The two men realize they have to send a message to their advisories.

Power Season 1 Season 2 014The decision is made to cut the corpse into several pieces, and send a message to each crew within the city that has the ability to hit their operation.

The Underground smash hit “Wild for the Night” by ASAP Rocky is playing as the rival crews in New York discover the severed limbs of the man who one of them hired. The gritty track accompanies the most powerful scene of the series thus far.
Ghost is sitting comfortably in a barber chair getting a shave as the body parts are sprung upon the unsuspecting drug lords of New York. It's this distant handling of the dirty work that has transformed Ghost from a blood thirsty lion into a mild mannered kitty.

The Allure of two Worlds

Ghost has the new club open and it's a smash hit. His father's dream has come true, but Ghost didn't build the club by himself. He must still appease his long time partner by remaining loyal to the drug trade. However, Ghost realizes the club could be his ticket out of the street life.

The opportunity to open clubs in every major city in the world would certainty trump the money he's earning in the drug trade. However, Tommy seems content to remain a gangster for the rest of his life. It becomes more obvious that the two men have very different ambitions for the future, and the discrepancy appears to be building pressure.

Ghost sees the club as an opportunity to leave the streets behind and live his father's dream. The club is drawing Ghost to do the right thing while his partner in crime is clearly the one obstacle preventing him from leaving the illegal life altogether.

Power Season 1 Season 2 037Tommy is the force in Ghost's life that won't allow him to forget about the past. Ghost is a man torn between two paths, and two separate lifestyles. As the tension between Ghost and Tommy builds, it becomes obvious that internal conflict may pose more of a threat to the drug empire than do armed robbers from out of town.

The palpable tension between Ghost and Tommy is made evident by the undeniable synergy between actors Omar Hardwick and Joseph Sikora. The subtle facial expressions and voice inflections let seasoned crime drama fans know the problems brewing between Ghost and Tommy are must be resolved soon or all out mayhem could tear their organization apart.

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