Power Season 1, Episode 3: This Is Real

Posted on June 25, 2014

The future of the club is jeopardized as the rift between Ghost and Tasha intensifies. Later, Ghost fears that his pursuit of Angela could impact his legitimate life and place his family in danger.

Power 2014

Power Season 1 Episode 3: On the previous episode of power, Ghost and Tommy dismembered a man who attempted to rob one of their workers. The reason is that they believe sending his body parts to the different drug cartels in New York will stop the recent string of attacks against them. The point is to let the organizer of the robbery see what happens to people that cross them.

This week's episode starts off with Ghost standing in his night club texting his high school sweet heart, Angela Valdez. She doesn't know that Ghost is really a drug dealer and he is clueless to her work as a federal agent. It doesn't take long for an emergency to force the entrepreneur to cease the friendly chat. A young woman has an apparent cocaine overdose and she has to be rushed to the hospital. It's obvious that the ordeal is taking a toll upon Ghost as he and Tommy stand outside of the Truth night club discussing new business. Once again, Ghost struggles to balance family life with the drug trade.

Tommy encourages Ghost to take a ride with him to see their supplier, but Ghost has to go be with his family. This is where the two men differ, and it's becoming a problem. Tommy is the ideal gangster, no children, no family, no vulnerabilities, while his partner three children, a wife and a stepmother to look after.

Power 2014

Ghost has to wake up early the next day to deal with the bad press from the overdose which took place in his club. His manager suggests they work with the police to catch the dealer who sold the “stepped on” cocaine. Of course, the manager has no idea that Ghost is one of the biggest dealers in the city when he makes this suggestion. As Ghost is dealing with the club, his wife, Tasha is at the bank keeping up appearances. As she goes through their cash, Tasha notices there's a substantial lump sum is missing. After checking the withdrawal log, Tasha sees that Ghost made the transaction and she is furious.

She does her own investigating, and finds out that Ghost used a large portion of their savings to start the night club and she's hurt that her husband withheld information from her. As Ghost explains his actions to his wife, he vocalizes a thought which has been obvious from the first episode: he has plans of leaving the drug trade behind, because he's never seen an old drug dealer. Tasha informs her man that she has faith he can become the city's first geriatric drug dealer. Either the young woman has delusions of grandeur or she cares more about the money than she does about her husband's well being.

Another Day Another Hit

The next day, two of Ghost's top workers are picking up a delivery when they're ambushed by a gun toting robber who got the drop on them. The organization may have never recovered from such a huge loss if Tommy hadn't been there to save his people. After an improvised BBQ, Tommy convinces the man to name the person for whom he was working. Before he dies from his injuries, the robber names Ghost's close associate Annibal as his employer. Of course, the blood thirsty Tommy wants to handle the situation permanently, but Ghost realizes killing Annibal will only compound the problem — especially if the man turns out to be innocent. Ghost decides to organize a meeting with everyone who has the muscle to organize the hits against his organization. He thinks seeing his rivals face to face will help him determine the responsible party.

Old Friends New Problems

Power 2014

Angela Valdez learns of Ghost's proposed meeting from her confidential informant. Now Ghost is in danger of having his organization ruined by the very woman with whom he's cheating on his wife. The dangerous, balancing act is threatening to come crashing down, and Ghost's young daughter nearly becomes the first victim. As Ghost attempts to console Tasha, the youngest of their three children can be heard over the baby monitor. The baby is obviously struggling to breathe, prompting both parents to rush to her aid.

The child was choking on a key chain that Ghost dropped in her crib during the previous episode. The trinket was purchased as a souvenir to remind him of his mistress, and it nearly cost his daughter her life. Ghost assures his baby an his wife that he is indeed there for them. As the closing credits roll, it becomes obvious that Ghost is spread far too thin and something definitely has to give.

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