Power Season 1, Episode 4 – Who Are You?

Posted on July 1, 2014
Power 2014

On the previous episode of “Power”, Ghost was learning about the dangers of trying to balance the street life with family life. The situation is complicated by his mistress who happens to be a federal agent. The drug dealing Ghost has no idea that Angie Vasquez is a cop, and she has no idea that he is a drug lord.

Power 2014

The fourth episode of Power begins with Ghost and his partner Tommy discussing how to handle a series of robberies against their workers. Tommy, the still ruthless gangster, wants to shoot first and ask questions later. Ghost, the husband and father of three, thinks he can identify the culprit at an upcoming meeting. This disagreement isn't the first they've had, and the tension between them is building. Suddenly, Tommy asks Ghost if he thinks their supplier Lobos is responsible for setting them up. Ghost admits the thought has crossed his mind, but he can't imagine why the cartel leader wouldn't just have them assassinated instead of toying with them.

Love Lost, Found and Lost Again

In the next scene, Ghost is handling the legal side of the business when Angie sends him a text. They meet uptown where Angie thanks him for the very expensive diamond necklace he bought for her. Rather than continue the lie, Ghost tells Angie of his three children and his wife. In turn, Angie tell him she has serious boyfriend.

Power 2014

The scene ends when Angie tells Ghost to go be with his family. Ghost salutes his high school sweetheart, but the now scorned the woman may have the last laugh. Angie is trying to find the identity of Lobo's supplier and she is determined to lock him up even though she doesn't know Ghost is the distributor for whom she's looking.

Meanwhile, Tommy finally manages to sleep with a red haired waitress who works for club Truth. Ghost advised his business partner to stay away from their employees, but Tommy doesn't listen. Unfortunately, the young woman seems to bring the worst out of Tommy, and she enjoys his violent streak. This fire headed beauty could push Tommy over the edge, because he already likes to push the envelope.

Less Money More Problems

Tommy and Ghost are having yet another disagreement, this time the location of the meeting is causing friction. Ghost decides on a Chinese restaurant where they've had meetings before. Unfortunately, Angie's informant tells her the location of the meeting, putting Ghost and every major other dealer in New York in danger. Before the meeting starts, Ghost gets called off to handle business at the club.

Power 2014

Tommy is very upset that his partner once again puts the legit business before the drug business. This is fortunate for him because the DEA has the entire area under surveillance. However, this doesn't stop one of the major attendant's of the meeting from getting iced. Annibal gets killed by the same young woman who was associated with at least one of the hits against Ghost's organization.

It's Hard to Hustle a Hustler

The DEA agents are so anxious to catch Lobo's distributor that they prematurely infiltrate the meeting's location. Dozens of federal agents rush into the oriental restaurant, disturbing the law-abiding citizens there enjoying their meal. Fortunately for Tommy, his experience as a hustler tells him to change the location at the last minute. What he perceives as a routine move kept he and all of his associates out of prison.

Power 2014

The meeting goes off without a hitch except for the missing member Annibal whose laying in a pool of his own blood. Tommy informs everyone at the meeting that their organization will begin to supply the streets with cocaine again. Ghost advised against this move, but Tommy feels his hand was forced. The decision nearly causes a fist fight between the two men when Ghost gets the news. Ghost also suspects that Tommy was involved in Annibal's murder, and the tension between them is palpable.

Forbidden Fruit

Angela Valdez is feeling particularly sad, because it was she who organized the raid on the wrong restaurant. She goes to see Ghost to return the necklace he gave her, but the attraction between them is too strong. Ghost and Angie waste little time talking, before making love in Ghost's office. Despite all the problems the drug lord is experiencing; tension with his partner, supplier and his wife, Ghost risks everything for a moment of pleasure.

Power 2014

However, his wife Tasha isn't without her cheating ways as she allows the chauffeur to see her very sexy body for the second time in four weeks. The young man (Sean) has an obvious crush on Tasha and we'll have to wait and see if he does the right thing and tells Ghost of Tasha's indiscretion or if he keeps the deadly secret to himself.

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