Power Season 1, Episode 5: I Gotta Go

Posted on July 17, 2014
Power 2014

On the last episode of Power, Ghost and Angie finally rekindled their relationship with a red-hot love scene. Tommy also meets a new fling, and the young woman seems intrigued by his violent demeanor. As everyone knows, a woman can be a man's greatest asset or greatest liability, and it seems this recent temptation may cause problems for an entire organization.

Business as Usual

Power 2014

When this episode begins, Ghost and his associates are trying to figure out who killed their worker Annibal. Ruiz denies killing Annibal, but Ghost and Tommy aren't convinced. They both know they need to move on Ruiz but they disagree on how to do it.

More Confrontation

Tommy prefers the hands on approach, but Ghost wants to hire a team of professionals. It seems that Ghost is content to protect Shawn, from the harsh reality of the streets. Sean is the son of the kingpin who taught Ghost and Tommy the streets. Kanan is portrayed by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and he's currently incarcerated.

Tommy has frequently expresses adoration for their mentor, while Ghost seems to be cautious of the man. Either way, his anxious son is delegated to drive Ghost around town instead of getting his hands dirty.

All Play no Work

While Tommy is meeting with Jamaican assassins, Ghost is role playing with his mistress. Once again, Tommy is handling business while Ghost is handling pleasure. However, Angie seems tense when Ghost touches her. She now realizes she would be the mistress in the relationship, a status that makes her uncomfortable.

Power 2014

Yet in still, she makes love to her long lost lover for the second time in as many days. Meanwhile, Tommy is spending more time with Holly — the waitress from the club. Even though Ghost advised Tommy to leave the club employees alone, Tommy plans to bring Holly to dinner to meet Ghost's immediate family. The plan is to get Tasha's opinion of Holly, but it could be a mistake.

Trouble Brewing

This isn't the first disagreement they've had this episode and it's obvious tension is rising. Ghost confronts Tommy about dating Holly, and for the fourth time in the series — Tommy informs his acquaintance of their equal partner status. There is an epic storm brewing between the two gangsters and the suspense is palpable. Unfortunately, Holly reveals her untrustworthy nature by stealing jewelry from Tasha while her employers talk. As Holly and Tommy leave Ghost's place, she tells him she saw Ghost cheating on Tasha with Angie. This enrages Tommy and he tells the sultry red head to mind her own business.


Tommy's anger is caused more by his partner's carelessness. If he allowed himself to be seen cheating on Tasha, than he's obviously losing his edge. The Other Woman's Other Man Angie has to cancel her date with Ghost because her current boyfriend Greg demands some of her time. Greg is also her coworker at the Bureau, but he seems content to be her EX-boyfriend as he leaves her keys in her apartment when he exits. There are already people at work who suspect the two are involved so the split may be for the best.

The Lady in Pink

In the premiere episode of Power, a pink donning young lady attempted to rob one of Ghost’s employee’s. The same young woman killed Annibal and this time she goes after Ruiz. This young woman is proving to be the most provocative character in the series, and she doesn't even have a name. However, it has been revealed that she receives orders by pager – so she isn’t self-employed. Her boss is obviously a ruthless individual who’s sure to be furious when he or she learns that Ruiz survived the attack.

Another Plot Twist

The turbulent setting of the entire series is demonstrated perfectly on the last scene. Ghost and Angie are laying together after making love. Suddenly Angie gets an urgent phone call from the FBI that Ruiz has been stabbed. At that same moment, Ghost receives a call from Tommy relaying the same message. This is just one of the many plot twists that have viewers of power on the edge of their seats. At any moment, everything could come tumbling down for everyone involved.

The scene is set for a tremendous climax yet it continues to build. Viewers can only imagine what types of sparks will fly when Kanan is finally released from incarceration.

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