Power Season 1, Episode 7: Loyalty

Posted on July 30, 2014
Power 2014

Airing on 26th July at 9.00 p.m, Power Season 1, Episode 7: Loyalty has been the hottest episode of the series so far. With twists and turns coming in from every direction, it seems that the plot is just starting to unfold. This week the show puts the name of the episode to the test in every possible way, as all the main characters Tommy (Joseph Sikora), Ghost (Omari Hardwick), Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and Angela (Lela Loren) showed each other where their loyalty truly lies.


In this week's episode of Power, things start with Tasha hanging out with her girls chitchatting about how Ghost proposed to her. She tells a story of when they were driving in a car, when they got pulled over by a cop and Ghost told Tasha that he had a gun in his car. Tasha smartly hid the gun in her purse and was let off the hook by the officer, only to have Ghost propose her two days later after taking note of her loyalty. But as Tasha sit's by the pool dreaming about the way Ghost had proposed to her years back, Ghost is in a hotel room making love to his old flame, Angela.

Power 2014

As Ghost and Angela were lying on the bed, Tasha calls Ghost up and Angela tells him that he can get it, after which she asks what's Tasha like, to which Ghost replies “she's not you.” Later when Angela is back relaxing on the couch, when she sits down with a big sigh, her sister walks into the room, asking if she could borrow her jacket and finds two keys to a hotel room.

Angela tells her that she is having an affair with the Ghost, who used to live in their old neighborhood. Angela's sister tries to talk some sense into her and reminds her how he used to be a punk and how her father chased him out of the house all the time.But Angela argues back how he has changed over the years and not the same guy anymore and her sister insists on re-meeting him again.

Tommy Is On His Own

Tommy on the other hand goes to meet Vladimir in a sauna, in search of a female assassin, he refers Tommy to meet up with Drift, telling him that he can help him out. Tommy goes back to meet Ghost and tells him that he got the information from the Serbians that they should talk to Drift to find their female assassin. Tommy leaves to meet Drift in his New Jersey home after trying to convince Ghost to come along.

Power 2014

Meanwhile, Angela reaches her office only to find two of her superiors waiting for her. Angela's superiors tell her that they have a new job up for her, but for that she has to move away to Detroit. Angela quickly refuses the proposal, stating that her father is not well and she cannot move away. Upon which her superiors feel disappointed, stating that they heard that she was more ambitious and never hesitated to jump on new opportunities.

Meanwhile Tasha meets Shawn and starts asking him about what he had said the other day and wanted to know if Ghost is having an affair or not, stating that if Ghost is having an affair then she should have one too. After which, Shawn takes Tasha to show where Angela lives. Tasha recognizes Angela and says that she had seen her before in the club, where Ghost had told her she was a friend from high school.

Tommy learns that Rolla from RSK is the guy who is behind the attacks on Ghosts and his men and is on the hits behind Ruiz. Ghost has his doubts, but Tommy does his best to convince him that they need to go after Rolla, or Ruiz is going on an all out war on them.

Power 2014

Angela and her sister spend the afternoon cooking for Ghost, but Ghost had to cancel on the dinner for his proposed future partner called him up and invited him to dinner along with his wife. Angela is pretty broken at the news, but tries to be understanding as it is about his long sought after dream. Her depression is cut short as she learns who's the target for the next hit and quickly makes the move to stop it from happening.

Ghost meets Angela and makes her a promise, which may turn out to be too heavy for him in the future.

The Villain Revealed

The biggest cliffhanger of this episode is that it person behind all the hits is none other than Ghost's mentor and friend Kanan (50 Cent), the last scenes of the episode shows Kanan getting a visit from Latina assassin that's been taking out Ghost's and Ruiz's crew members, he laughs after playing Ghost which results in him killing his own friend Rolla. Now Kanan is planning making his next move, he tells his hired gun to loose her pink sneakers since it's become her only identifier.

I speculated that Kanan was the one behind the hits because he more than likely believes that Ghost is the one that sabotage his car so he would get pulled over with weapons and guns. Now it appears that plot might actually be coming together.

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