Rihanna’s Chris Brown Sends Twitter Into a Frenzy

Posted on November 26, 2012

I believe Rihanna enjoys creating controversy, it’s a part of the Rihanna brand, so nothing she does should really be surprising anymore.

The songstress may have spent Thanksgiving with her supposedly ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, tweeted a photo of Brown lying in bed with his short off.

Predictably the pic made Twitter loose it’s collective sh*t, on Sunday (February 25th.)

“Dis *****……. #BartObsessed, Rihanna posted on the pic.

For weeks fans and the media have been saying they’re back together, so this just adds further confirmation.

Rihanna has received allot of criticism for re-associating herself with Brown after the infamous domestic abuse incident that ended their relationship three years ago.

Soon we’ll probably see one of them confirm they’re actually back together again.

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