Saigon vs Mobb Deep: Saigon Gets Chased Out The Club

Posted on September 20, 2007
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This is what you call a “N***a Moment”, If anyone says Saigon is a punk for running away from 20 + Mobb Deep goons, you must be made of steal or your complete idiot. This is not a good situation to be in, If it was me I would be out as well I can't believe he got away without a scratch. There is 2 versions of the video ad two different stories.

Saigon's Response:

I know you all are seeing this YouTube video of like 25 Mobb Deep niggaz chasing me out the club…And helll f*****g yeah I dipped up up out of there untouched…..

But that was after I snuffed little punk a*s Prodigy…They can edit it and lie all they want but , But when you hear the n***a say ‘Oh’ the first time is when i rock him… right before you see my man rock him, The second time is when my man rocks him… I rocked him first, thats what makes the kid with the red hat try to get at me and got everybody hype..Why didnt they slow down that part? If you notice I punch prodigy right into my mans hands…And f**k yeah I got up outta there…Them niggaz was 30 deep and I went to their party, grab the mic, did my song and punched Prodigy in his face.. (I wasnt even on the bill to perform) This n***a told me to suck his d**k so he got rocked, at his show..Im not with the promoting violence s**t and we couldve kept it between us, but these assholes go make a youtube video talking about I was hiding under a table and all this s**t…Editing and lying about a watch and s**t….Fronting a*s n****s…Now i gotta show the real…

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Another version of the video blow

evanobando writes:
i was there last night. this s**t was so stupid there were like 10 mobb deep bodyguards/cronies there and saigon was with like 1 or 2 of his friends, i woulda peaced out too i cant believe all those dudes tried to beat him up and he got away. anyway it fucked up what coulda been a real dope night of CNN performing the war report. hip hop is the new WWF

What sparked the beef

In an interview with Allhiphop, Prodigy said he didn’t like you or any other rapper and that they can all suck his d**k. How do you feel about those comments?

Going back to Prodigy, I take the, “suck my d**k,” comment personally. We were about to get it on one night in a club. I told Prodigy and everybody in his crew that I would cause them physical harm. Ask Sickamore or Gotti. They were there. These n****s said they had guns. I said, “Not you, Prodigy, you’re too small, I’ll beat you up with one hand. But I’ll fight any one of y’all n****s one on one. Nobody wanted to fight. This was when the Tru Life situation was going on. They kicked us out of the club and nobody in his crew wanted to pop off. He’s just hiding behind the n****s around him so he’s got his little bird chest poked out, but he’s p***y and he knows it.

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