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Artist: DJ Quik & Kurupt
Song: The Demon's Carol
Producer: DJ Quik
Album: BlaQKout 2
DJ Quik & Kurupt are back to doing what they do best when it comes to collaborations, they re-unite once again for a new track called “The Demon's Carol.” This ...
Artist: DJ Quik
Song: Heavy Mr. Big Stuff
DJ Quik pays tribute to the late Heavy D on his new record called "Heavy Mr. Big Stuff," R.I.P. Heavy D. ...
Artist: Kurupt
Song: Take It Off
Kurupt with a new one called "Take It Off" featuring DJ Quik, off Kurupt’s upcoming compilation album Penagon Rydaz dropping next October 4th. ...
Artist: DJ Quik
Song: Boogie Till You Conk Out
New joint from DJ Quik called “Boogie Till You Conk Out” featuring Ice Cube, it's crazy that these two never collaborated on a track before without anyone else being on. Big look for the West ...
Artist: DJ Quik
Song: Luv of My Life
DJ Quik brings us a new one called “Luv of My Life” featuring Gift Reynolds. From his forthcoming album The Book of David on April 20th. ...
Artist: DJ Quik
Song: Nobody
New joint from DJ Quik titled Nobody featuring Suga Free, check it out. ...
I don't whats going on here but f**k it….Directed by Erick “Ketchup” Peyton. ...