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Artist: Jaden Smith
Song: Melancholy
Here's another new release from young Jaden Smith titled “Melancholy” which is over Pink Floyd's classic 1973 track “Breathe,” and to complement the melancholic instrumental, he employs a deeper tone ...
Artist: Jaden Smith
Song: Kite
Producer: Téo
Featuring: Willow Smith
Wow this is actually not bad, Jaden has actually turned into a legit rapper after hitting puberty. Voice has a little bass in it now, the raps are well thought ...
Artist: Jaden Smith
Song: The Coolest
Producer: Omarr Rambert for Stoopid Robots
Album: Cooltape Vol. 1: The Cool Cafe
Well look who done got a little base in his voice, not to mention Will Smith “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” hair cut is in full effect. Checkout Jaden Smith ...
Artist: Justin Bieber
Song: Never Say Never
Official music video for “Never Say Never” by Justin Bieber featuring Jaden Smith. I don't want to hear it, not a single word out of any of you asking me ...