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Artist: Jay Electronica
Jay Electronica has been on a Twitter tirade lately, a few weeks ago he up in arms about so called “thugs” and crooked cops. Now he's aback at it again, on ...
Artist: JAY Z
Song: We Made It
Oh he's really trying to get our hopes up now, in less than a week Jay Electronica returns with yet another joint this time he brought out the big guns. Jay ...
Artist: Jay Electronica
Here goes a new one from Jay Electronica that's getting our hopes up again, it's called “Better In Tune With The Infinite” and features the angelic LaTonya Givens singing sweet melodies over the ...
Artist: Joell Ortiz
Song: Outta Control (Kendrick Lamar Response)
Oh s**t, things just got real. You already know Joell Ortiz and the rest of Slaugtherhouse are known for same day rebuttals; so when Kendrick Lamar set the social media universe ...
Artist: Big Sean
Song: Control
Featuring: Jay Electronica, Kendrick Lamar
Album: Hall Of Fame
Up to this point, what I've heard from Big Sean's Hall Of Fame project has been on the light side, but with the album dropping soon; he had to do ...
Artist: The Bullitts
Song: Murder Death Kill
Featuring: Jay Electronica
Album: They Die By Dawn & Other Short Stories
On everything I'm so done with Jay Electronica, I don't want to hear anything unless it's Act 2. Until then, done with guy. ...
Artist: D-Prosper
Song: Atom Anthem
Producer: D-Prosper
Featuring: Jay Electronica
Artist: Jay Electronica
Song: Dear Moleskine
This track has been in the Coming-soon depart forever and now here's  here is Jay Electronica’s “Dear Moleskine” single from the highly-delayed Act II: Patents Of Nobility project which has hasn’t ...
Artist: Jay Electronica
Song: Call Of Duty
Well it's about damn time we got some new music from Jay Electronica, here he is with a brand new joint titled "Call Of Duty" featuring Mobb Deep. “Steve Jobs ...
Artist: Jay Electronica
Song: Prelude To A Freestyle
Videos powered by Jay Electronica drops a couple bars over Kanye West’s “Devil In A New Dress” instrumental. Act II is coming soon on Roc Nation. ...
Videos powered by Starring LaTonya Givens Music Produced by The Bullitts Film Produced by Immortal & Mochilla ...
Artist: Jay Electronica
Song: Jazzmatazz
A new one from Jay Electronica called "Jazzmatazz" featuring Tone Treasure who also provided the vocals for other earlier Jay Electronica joints like Renaissance Man and Victory Is In My ...
Jay speaks to Sway for MTV about the latest Roc Nation signee‘s “deep love for music”, and his conversations and disagreements with Cornel West and Oprah. ...
Artist: Jay Electronica
Song: Shiny Suit Theory
It hasn't even been a week since Jay Electronica signed his deal with Roc Nation and already he has a Jay-Z feature, the track is called "Shiny Suit Theory" and ...
Artist: Jay Electronica
Song: The Announcement
New music from Jay Electronica titled “The Announcement,” the song Jay performed at the Roc Nation signing event on Friday. Below is the video of Jay-Z welcoming Jay Electronica to Roc ...
Artist: Paul Wall
Song: Live It
New music from Paul Wall titled Live It featuring Raekwon, Jay Electronica & Yelawolf, produced by Travis Barker. Off Paul Wall’s Heart Of A Champion LP, which drops Tuesday. ...
Artist: Jay Electronica
Song: The Ghost of Christopher Wallace
New music from Jay Electronica titled The Ghost of Christopher Wallace featuring Diddy who adlib through the entire song. ...
Artist: Ski Beatz
Song: Prowler 2
Music from Ski Beatz titled Prowler 2 featuring Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, Joell Ortiz & Mos Def, from 24 Hour Karate School. ...
New music from Jay Electronica titled Exhibit C, check it out and leave your feedback. ...