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Artist: Joey Bada$$
Song: Mr. Wonderful
Album: B4.Da.$$
Artist: Joey Bada$$
Song: Killuminati Pt. 2
Seriously there needs to be a cut off date for these responses, nonetheless Joey Bada$$ manages to put together something that's listen worthy. After this point, I'm gonna stop posting Kendrick Lamar ...
Artist: Davis Graham
Check out Davis Graham, a very gifted artist from Chilliwack, British Columbia who I spotted at OnSmash, above is a video of a peed drawing he did for Joey Bada$$. I can actually ...
Artist: Joey Bada$$
Song: Amethyst Rockstar
Featuring: Kirk Knight
This list gets less interesting every year, it's not that I don't know anyone on the list it's just that I could give 2 fux about 90% of them. This ...
Artist: Joey Bada$$
Song: Wendy N Becky
Producer: Thelonius Martin
Featuring: Chance The Rapper
Album: #PROERAweek