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Artist: So Fresh So Fly
Song: My Galaxy
Producer: "Audio" Jordan Fleming
Album: Victory Lane
Artist: Ke$ha
Song: Blow
B.o.B supplies some bars to Ke$ha's “Blow” single, check it out. ...
Artist: Britney Spears
Song: Till The World Ends (Remix)
Aaaah man, Nicki Minaj talking that s**t on the remix to Britney Spears' “Till The World Ends”, she just couldn't go without throwing a couple shots at Lil Kim who's ...
Artist: Ke$ha
Song: Sleazy
Andre 3000 adds a verse to Ke$ha's single “Sleazy” from from her first EP, Cannibal. Production done by Bangladesh, Dr. Luke and Levin. ...
Artist: Taio Cruz
Song: Dirty Picture
The official video for Taio Cruz single “Dirty Picture” featuring Ke$ha. ...