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Artist: Joey Bada$$
Song: Killuminati Pt. 2
Seriously there needs to be a cut off date for these responses, nonetheless Joey Bada$$ manages to put together something that's listen worthy. After this point, I'm gonna stop posting Kendrick Lamar ...
Artist: Papoose
Song: Control (Freestyle)
Papoose please stop, you had your chance 5 years. Stop it five, you not that guy. ...
Artist: Joe Budden
Song: Control (Kendrick Lamar Response)
Come on now, like I said with the Joell Ortiz response; Slaughterhouse are those guys when it comes to rebuttals. Now the Slaughterhouse front man Joe Budden has something to ...
Artist: Drake
This joint right here, had me rolling. ...
Artist: King Los
Song: Control Freestyle
Lyrically King Los bodied the beat, a bunch of metaphors and good delivery. But sonically it's no where near as appealing as Kendrick's verse and it's taking a back seat to Joell ...
Artist: Lupe Fiasco
Song: SLR 2 (Kendrick Lamar Response)
Lupe Fiasco takes the opportunity address Kendrick Lamar's “Control“ verse on his SLR 2 track, oh and you best believe he addressed it in true Lupe Fiasco fashion. I'm not saying ...
Artist: B.o.B.
Song: How 2 Rap (Kendrick Lamar Response)
Please B.o.B. stop, this is not for you. Don't get me wrong, I fux with B.o.B. but he's not built for the type of rap ish Kendrick Lamar is on. This really ...
Artist: Joell Ortiz
Song: Outta Control (Kendrick Lamar Response)
Oh s**t, things just got real. You already know Joell Ortiz and the rest of Slaugtherhouse are known for same day rebuttals; so when Kendrick Lamar set the social media universe ...