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Artist: Shyne
Shyne released his newest musical project, Gangland, and on track number 10 titled “Fred Hampton”, Shyne spits some bars about the truths that exist behind prison walls. ¬†At the end ...
Artist: Shyne
Song: Belize
New one from Shyne titled "Belize" featuring The Notorious B.I.G. & Bob Marley. You know if your gonna sample legends like The Notorious B.I.G. & Bob Marley could you at ...
50 Cent Speaks on The Weight Loss Pics and Responds To Shyne Dissing Him. ...
Artist: Shyne
Song: There Will Be Blood
Damn I really trying to feel this new Shyne s**t but the truth of the matter is dude is trash right now, that being said it has been 10 years ...
Artist: Alicia Keys
Song: Un-Thinkable
Another one from Shyne this time over the instrumental of the month Alicia's Un-Thinkable, at the end of Shyne's verse he throws a shot at 50 Cent which is just ...