Tha Block’s Best Of The Best

Posted on December 23, 2007

On January 1st, 2007 HIPHOPMUSICDOTCOM.COM was created and 3 months later we introduced Tha Block one of the fastest growing hip hop communities on the internet. With over ten thousand members ,13 million hits and the number one spot in Google for “Hip Hop Music”, it's only natural that we show some recognition to those whoa are responsible for the success of the website for it's year.

Tha Block Members of Year (you know the ones that run sh*t)

Pwincessalzere2k7 – wins for Most Popular Member, this was very close between pwincessalzere2k7 and blaccmoney41 with only a difference of 75 views. Pwincessalzere2k7 has only been a member for three months and has managed to blow past older members without even uploading a single audio or video.

DASAME0LG – wins for Top Video Provider, DASAME0LG has also only been a member for 3 months and took over Tha Block with over 140 videos uploaded, mostly music videos. There has been many times where he would have the videos before we do, can't wait to see how much damage he does next year when we upgrade to 100 mb uploads.

Pitola809 – wins for Top Audio Provider, Pitola809 blew past nine thousand members in less than 2 months with over 890 audio uploaded (that's even more than us). We are officially calling him the mixtape king, he uploads all the latest music from mixtapes before anyone else even knows about them.

Mrsshollywood – wins for Hottest Member, mrsshollywood has been on the site pretty much since the creation of Tha Block and has some of the hottest pics on the site. Check her out.

And that raps it up for Best members of Tha Block, maybe next year you'll be in the list of Tha Block's Best of The Best, it will be allot bigger and better next year.

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