The Boondocks Season 3 Episode 15 – It’s Goin Down [Season Finale]

Posted on August 16, 2010
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For the season finale, Aaron McGruder decided to go out with a bang. Literally. Woodcrest is the target of a terrorist attack. The prime suspect, Huey Freeman, learns that the feds are coming to apprehend him. He takes Ruckus hostage and flees in a school bus. The alphabet boys track down Huey’s whereabouts and dispatch a sinful amount of soldiers to go after him. Agent Jack Flowers is hot on the trail in order to bring law and order to the town. Outnumbered, Huey eventually throws in the towel.

They eventually realize that Ed Wuncler and his grandson are the real terror suspects. But rather than go after them, the feds decide that some people are above the law. Wuncler reasons that people want life to be like the movies with good guys going up against bad guys, but that what America really needs is a rallying cry – a reminder of why it’s great to be American.

“It’s Goin’ Down” ends with Granddad conceding that the world would be much better if everyone listened to Huey. Granddad even apologized for not listening to Huey. Huh? Granddad apologize for something? He must still be blazed from two episodes ago. Like I’ve said in earlier recaps, Huey is the voice of Aaron McGruder on The Boondocks and his message for Season 3 is clear: we can do better. But hey, don’t mind that pretentious sonamabitch and his lame cartoon characters, he’s just being his preachy self.

Recap by The Rap Up

It's said that this might also be the series finale but I hope not especially since this most recent season was so great, almost as good as the classic first season.

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