Posted on April 5, 2007
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Country. A*s. Slick. Talkin. Living. Easy. Boyz

Consisting of group members PoBode, Skoop and JK da Flame, The Castle Boyz have been making a name for themselves since their 1999 conception. Dedicated to keeping real music available to the masses and staying true to the origin of Hip Hop, this Georgia grown group has it all in perspective. Through their talent as skilled writers and the ability to resurrect vivid images through words, their real life hood stories are told in a way that allows everyone to relate.

With songs like “Straps & Raps” which they use as a way to touch on the rap fad of turning rap battles into gunplay and street violence, these southern lyricist clearly display their commitment to making real music and their versatility. Through a large music catalog that includes relationship songs like “What Would You Do?”, Gd up song “Like Sum Geez”, ridin songs “King Ish' and “We Gon Smoke”, the pimp song “Pay to Play”, and the crunk club joints,” Burn it up,” Shut it down” and “Git Right,” the Castle Boyz have the makings of a very well rounded project.

Through the recent success of their new single “What They Talkin Bout,” that has more than just industry insiders talking, these Country, A*s, Slick, Talkin, Living, Easy, Boyz are sure to be one of the most anticipated independent groups of 2007.

So just set back and allow them to take you for a ride.

Listen to “What They Talking Bout” below


Click Here for more on The Castle Boyz

Shout Out to DeeDee of A.B.C. Associates Entertainment Firm for the info!

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