Check Out This Unreleased 2Pac Phone Conversation From 1995

Posted on June 6, 2014

So here's how the all came to be.

Without even knowing it, Sanyika “Monster Kody” Shakur recorded a conversation with 2pac back in 1995 on accident thanks to his wife. This conversation apparently took place after Monster was released from Pelican Bay State Prison in California, which coincided with Pac's release from Clinton Correctional Facility in New York.

Those that are uniformed, Monster Kody is a OG from the L.A. streets that wrote a book, Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member which has been touted as a must read.

It's known that the two displayed great admiration for each other, as Pac revealed he had most the Clinton prison population reading the book constantly, showing love for the West Coast, which was not a common thing in those times for New York.

The phone conversation was deep to say the least. He expressed how much he wanted to help the community and especially the kids, he had no idea he was being recorded at the time and he shared quite a few things he wanted to do.

Peep all the rare war stories.

Some focal points in the conversation:

  1. Getting famous rappers to all connect and bring together neighborhoods across the U.S. together through an organization, with the help of Al Sharpton, to create a youth league and have block parties with no gangbanging or violence involved.
  2. 2pac touched on the 1994 case against the police.
  3. The Gangsta Disciples holding ‘Pac down when he’s in Chicago.
  4. Being in Milwaukee for a concert and shouting out a kid that was shot in senseless violence, and getting things thrown at him for it.
  5. Being on Death Row Records, recording All Eyez On Me and the features on the album.
  6. Life inside Clinton Max and how they put him in 23-hour lockdown, and getting anything he wanted from the people in prison
  7. Wanting Maya Angelou to write an autobiography on him.
  8. His battle between the Black Panther movement teachings he was raised on and gangbanging mentality he was trying adapt to survive in the streets.
  9. Shooting the video for “California Love” with Dr. Dre.
  10. Wanting 2pac to play Monster Kody in his movie and how John Singleton and the Hughes Brothers were “cowards.”

If your Tupac fan, you gotta love this, you might shed a tear. Say what you want, Pac was a legit dude.

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