Artist: Jay-Z
Song: Picasso Baby
Album: Magna Carta Holy Grail
Jay-Z continues to make new rules, he joins one of my favorite TV personalities Bill Maher on his show Real Time this Friday on HBO. After the show Hova will ...
Artist: 50 Cent
Ray Breslin is the world's foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing every high security prison and learning a vast array of survival skills so he can design escape-proof prisons, ...
Artist: JAY-Z
Song: One to Many
Album: Magna Carta Holy Grail
Download the JAY Z Magna Carta app now in Google Play, and on July 4th, JAY Z and Samsung will release 1 million free copies of his upcoming album “Magna ...
Artist: Pusha T
Watch VIBE Magazine and the Thornton brothers as they connect to shoot the JUNE 2013 digital cover. ...
Artist: Nas
Glad to see  Nas doing some brand alignment, and before you Hip-Hop dummies start screaming sellout just remember, if your not selling out (at least a little bit) then that ...
Artist: J. Cole
Album: Born Sinner
J. Cole & Drake run through the Best Buy in New York City and cleared the rack of all Born Sinner CDs, they even picked French Montana's joint and boys ...
Artist: Jay-Z
It's that time again, the greatest is about to touch the mic once more. Can't wait for this s**t, Hova keeps getting better as he continues to evolve with his ...
Artist: Drake
Drake gives an interview after his surprise performance with 2 Chainz at Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash 18 in Atlanta, Ga. Now clearly shorty in this interview is new to holding ...
Artist: Chris Brown
Chris Brown sits down with Big Boy on Power 106 to share a little insight into the on-going beef between him and Drake. As usual he brushes it off but we ...
Artist: Mugzy
Song: Keep Rapping, We Got The Sides, King Of The Underground
Producer: Glen Schollum
Album: Ride Or Die
Artist: Mugzy
Song: We Got The Sides
Producer: Glen Schollum
Album: Ride Or Die
Artist: Rams
Song: Makaran't
Producer: Aerosol Production
His name is Rams and he is started rap in 2007 with u3c clan. In this year he meet his fans with new video clip. He thinks hip hop doesnt ...
Artist: Trinidad James
Trinidad James gives Whoo Kid the 411 on Who Trinidad James is, Quotes a Lloyd Banks Verse and Hopes Spike Lee don't come at him for the N-word! Will Drake be ...
Artist: Young Jeezy
In the latest “YJ Vlog,” Young Jeezy brings in the new year with a clip of what went down at the CTE World New Years Eve Party. Shot and edited ...
Artist: Genesis The Ruckus
Song: Ruckus Diss
Producer: MIX TAPE
Featuring: Genesis The Ruckus
Album: Ruckus First Class-Xmen Edition
OTIS (Remix) DISS Wiz Khalifa, Tyler The Creator, Mac Miller, Joey Stylez, Belly, Asher Roth ...
Artist: Genesis The Ruckus
Producer: MIX TAPE
Featuring: Genesis The Ruckus
Young Jeezy (Gucci Mane Diss) Thug Motivation Freestyle By Genesis The Ruckus. C.T.E MTL ...
Promotional commerical video for DraMatiQue's ” Kill The Game Mixtape – Hosted by DJ Omega Red “…. download the mixtape here : http://www.datpiff.com/DraMatiQue-Kill-The-Game-Mixtape.429536.html ...
Promotional video commerical ad for DraMatiQue’s industry debut ” Kill The Game Mixtape – Hosted by DJ Omega Red “ download mixtape here : http://www.datpiff.com/DraMatiQue-Kill-The-Game-Mixtape.429536.html ...
Artist: The Game
The Game stopped by Big Boy’s Neighborhood, to talk about a few things. He was asked about 50 Cent's new track “My Life“ where in the first bar 50 sends a ...