Video: T.I.’s Full Testimony in Murder Case

Posted on November 24, 2008
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T.I. says he took cover in a van when it was struck by bullets during the chase. He described seeing his friend after their van pulled over. He said Johnson was lying lifeless, blood running down his face from a shot into his left temple.

Padron Thomas, 40, told officials he was driving the Jeep as his brother, Hosea, fired the shots at the vans. At least one member of T.I.’s crew returned fire.

In exchange for Padron Thomas’ testimony against his brother, prosecutors have agreed to drop murder charges against him, allow him to plead guilty to manslaughter and have any sentence he receives in the case to run at the same time as a federal prison sentence.

So apparently allot of readers of didn't agree with my opinion on “snitching” in a previous post pertaining to this case and believe that my site might be headed in the direction of Bossip (never that).

Two things to keep in mind when considering the subject of “snitching”

1. Civilians don’t adhere to the same rules as people operating on the other side of the law, and vice versa.

2. All law enforcement officers and organizations do not have your best interest at heart.

If you live the life of an outlaw then you have to play by those rules, on the flip side if your a regular citizen who obeys the laws, follow the rules, goes to work etc…..then the snitching code does not apply to you when it comes to cooperating with the authorities.

If you and your fellow criminals do dirt together and you get knocked and give them up, well your a snitch, if you give up your own blood, well your a snitch which is the situation with this case. Now if your a everyday law biding citizen who has had a criminal act done to you or one of your family members then by all means cooperate with the authorities because it's not your fault you got dragged into a world that you didn't belong.

That's it….who dares argue that?

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