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Behind The Scenes: Busta Rhymes x Nicki Minaj “Twerk It” (Remix)

Posted on June 20, 2013
Artist: Busta Rhymes
Song: Twerk It

When I first heard this Twerk It joint, I thought it had potential but that most people wouldn’t rock with it.

Apparently I was wrong in that assessment, as it turns out the record has some legs and has taken off. So much that the rap queen her self, has decided to bless the remix with a verse and of course her booty for the music video that’s already been shot.

Go behind the scenes at the music video shoot for the remix of Busta Rhymes’ new Pharrell-produced smash single “Twerk It” featuring Nicki the ninja. In the footage we see Nicki Minaj in the studio knocking out her verse for the track then she literally a day before the video shoot. With the single titled “Twerk It” be sure to expect Miss Minaj twerking her a*s something crazy in this one. The Director X directed clip is set to drop soon.

As a Jamaican I’m flattered by the constant solutes we’ve received from Hip Hop culture over the years, but I gotta ask what is it about us y’all love so much?

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  • I love it!!!!...
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    Busta and Meth are always lingering around my top 10 list of top MC's. What happened to "FLIPMODE"?  And extinction level event was his best work I think,  the next one should knock socks off.  Nicki should of spit with em,  She is like a female LL Cool J.  And should be on alot more tracks with titans like this.  out