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Brooklyn Stand Up

Posted on October 20, 2012
Song: Brooklyn Stand Up
Producer: Bobby R.U.D.E., Uncle Jam
Director: LoveChizz, S. Callender, A.Jackman, NaNa
Album: The Birth of Caliphop

Currently, LoveChizz’s new single, Brooklyn Stand Up, is an anthem song for Brooklyn and it has been gaining major momentum online as well as with Dj’s. The re-invigoration of Brooklyn, with the newly opened Barclay’s Center and the NBA franchise team the Brooklyn Nets has created a need for a Brooklyn Anthem. The video for the song features several areas in the borough along with many cultures that reside there. LoveChizz, new album, The Birth Of Caliphop will soon be released. It will feature all that he encompasses lyrics and flow that has evolved into versatility which has afforded him the ability to create an original and distinctive style of his own; A style and sound that he has coined Caliphop.

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