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Chris Brown – Don’t Judge Me Video

Posted on September 29, 2012
Artist: Chris Brown
Song: Don't Judge Me
Producer: Messengers
Director: Colin Tilley
Album: Fortune

Where do I even start with this Chris Brown Don't Judge Me video? So apparently Chris Brown is a hero in this one, well at first he's just a hitchhiker walking down a barren street surrounded by the desert, his body showing cryptic alien like writings.

He eventually catches a ride in the back of a military truck, you know — because he wasn't really a hitchhiker — nah, as it turns out he's a military man, special ops if you will.

He's on a special mission to save the earth from some imminent alien threat, he has to sacrifice himself for his “Country and Planet” (his words not mine). But right before he goes off into space, he's approached by a reporter / love interest?

He leaves a few last words and then blasts off into space crashing into the alien ship and saving us all a**l probing, you know, because aliens are so interest in our assess.

Chris Brown, the hitchhiker/ special forces/ martyr  saves the day.

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