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Jazi feat. V-Valdez, Cavi and Shango – HANDS UP PT.2 (MUSIC VIDEO)

Posted on January 28, 2013
Artist: Jazi
Producer: Trackbaby
Director: Trackbaby

DL Song:

Collab track ft. Shango, Cavi, and V. Valdez aka Vdot! Song about havin fun & not carin' about any drama.
Thank You for ALL of your support, we wouldn't be doin this music if it weren't for ya'll, u inspire us every day to keep pushin and fightin for dis dream!
We cool peeps who appreciate all walks of life, not about the drama, & jus havin fun & makin good music. We jus some Little Girls wit Big Dreams and always down to collab so don't hesitate to hit us up!
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Please be sure 2 leave comments & share wit ur friends! thank u 4 everything and Whateva you do, never give up on what chu luv or on ur dreams!

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