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Kato Dox – Diamonds (Remix)

Posted on December 21, 2012
Artist: Kato Dox
Song: Diamonds (remix)
Director: XKY Media & Ransom Life Records

Kato Dox's remix to “Diamonds” by Rihanna ft Kanye West
-Directed by Ransom Life &

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Ransom Life baby better start recognizing
i was born in the village, from the dirt to the diamond
We came from the bottom, so anything is flying
you lying if you say that my future aint shining
I see my peers, they be eying from a distance
speeding to the finish line, i exceed limits
striving for a better life, with each minute
now they wanna be my wife, damn these women
but im way too picky and i'm trying to be the best
told you from the start, that im mah be the next
but i dont really mind if we do the triple X
just gotta make sure that its sweet like triple sec
tell your friend to bring a friend, thats a ripple effect
tell them kato dox is the f*****g triple threat
i hope i stay grounded cuz everything is hectic
i hope i stay grounded cuz them lights are electric
my team hold me down so i hope im not affected
striving for perfection, put it in perspective
i learned from my pop to survive when its desperate
keep working till it stacks up in metric
that means till its sitting millimeters from the ceiling
thats when i'll spare ya a couple shillings
thats when i'll kick back and start chilling
drinking xo, baby keep it spilling
im trying to break the mold, i wanna lead by example
king is in my blood, take a dna sample
i went from no shows to shows with no souls
to doing more shows for almost no dough
to opening the shows for them grammy winners
my fam went from rice to them fancy dinners
picture 3 kids eating from the same plate
now its rare steaks, reserve the whole place
light the funny stuff, homie let it rotate
let the world know my face like a college probate
this is for them dudes who laughed in my face
you at your mama's house? and me, i migrate
i know you listening to this track right now
but you aint going no where so sit your a*s down
i got different plans for all the different seasons
got a couple grands cuz of all different reasons
im antisocial so i hang with a few
im anti-broke like i hang with the jews
the homies back home telling me to keep grinding
got plans of going gold, f**k i wanna go diamond!

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